Property Management

Property Management

Looking to rent out your property and need someone to manage it for you? Not only do we buy/sell houses, we also do property management in Central Kentucky!!! Call David Norman (859-324-0732) today if you’re interested in hiring someone to manage your rentals and keep the stress off of you!

Property Management

 STANDARD RATE           

~10% Paid on total rents collected. 

~Tenant Placement (65% of One Month’s Rent) 

~Lease Renewal ($200) 

~Tenant Guarantee (12 mo’s Included) 


~18% Paid on total rents collected. 

~Tenant Placement ( 45% of One Month’s Rent ) 

~Lease Renewal ($0) 

~Tenant Guarantee (12 mo’s Included) 

~Eviction Protection (We handle evictions)

~BiMonthly Property inspections

~2 Year agreement


~1st Months Rent Due at Signing 

~70+ Point Background Check 

~Credit check 

~Local Eviction Check 

~Complete PDF of signed lease and move-in agreements 

~No advertising fees 

Brokered by Tanner Good  (859.339.8105)


We are the Realtors they told you to ask for. 


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