What is my home worth?


Here at Black Tie Real Estate Services, Inc. it’s important to us that we place a realistic value on your home so you can get premium dollar in the least amount of time. Like our buyers guide┬áthis will help you get the most for your time. We pride ourselves on being the best realtors in lexington ky and surrounding counties. For instance, if your home has been on the market for two years with another agency and you haven’t sold there has to be an issue. As the best realtors in lexington ky and surrounding cities we owe it to you to be honest, efficient and loyal.

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Comparable Sales

The best realtors in lexington ky and other areas of Central Kentucky specialize in finding good “comps” for your property. It’s our fiduciary duty to ensure we price appropriately in a competitive or non-competitive market. Markets like the summer of 2017 created a huge hype for rising interest rates and a strong sellers market. We all look for things such as square footage, acreage, outbuildings to name the obvious, for instance. The best realtors in lexington ky look for things such as “move in ready”, crown molding and all brick construction, to separate the industry and place an accurate number on your home. The point being, any Realtor can pull comps but only the┬ábest realtors in lexington ky and surrounding cities provide outstanding comparable reports.

Competitive Pricing

By pricing your home competitively you can sell your home faster and avoid being hammered from picky buyers. This strategy will bring people flocking to view your home and get inside before the other lookers place an offer. Be ready to show your house immediately, or miss out on a potential sale. The best realtors in lexington ky do NOT overprice or under price causing you to lose thousand of dollars. We know the market and want to help educate you on the current status.

Getting ‘Show’ Ready

There are several things you and your family can do to get ready to hit the market. Here is a broad list of little things that help create marketability.

  • Get dirty to get clean
    • Get the entire family ready and do a deep clean, no one wants to see the rings around your toilet or black in the bottom of the shower. It’s important to have a clean area, especially in areas such as the Kitchen or Bathroom. Sometimes its a worthy investment to hire a cleaning company before the house is ready for photos.
    • Areas around the house that might have things lying in the grass need to be picked up & debris free. It’s a huge turn off to see an old water hose coiled up in the yard or a broken appliance.
    • Make sure to pick up children’s toys, dad’s dirty underwear or last nights dinner plates.
  • Move around furniture
    • Make sure the home flows wonderfully and the placement of tables, end tables, couches, TV’s and other objects are out of the way and buyers can use their imagination. No one likes a cluttered home and have problems “seeing” past your personal belongings. Ask us what to do!
  • Think like a buyer
    • Use common sense, as a buyer you want to be able to come in and look at a home as move in ready. You cannot do that if it smells like a dog, cat or other animal. Make sure to get odor outside, stop smoking in the property.
    • Avoid lighting candles that put off a loud smell, some buyers can be allergic or sensitive to fragrances. If you have pets make sure to clean beds and other linens regularly to avoid complaints.
  • Paint and patch holes
    • Just like the title says, if you have nail holes or your teenager put their fist through the bedroom wall, it’s best to fix those issues prior to listing. Buyers like to point out the obvious and not everyone has the same agenda when it comes to a move in ready household. By fixing the problem sooner than later it makes the home look cared for and not a “money pit.”
    • Another useful strategy is caulking window seals and door jambs to make sure they are airtight and no water is soaking into the home.
  • Check under your property and on the roof
    • As a homeowner you get busy and forget to look into those scary places but the last thing you need is a water problem or a faulty roof. Buyers can get cold feet with the sight of standing water or a leaking roof because they are huge expenses. Think of the phrase “good bones.”

What is your property address?

Input your callback number or e-mail and we will get together shortly to do a walkthrough on your property. Kindly give us your address so we can get our ducks in a row ahead of meeting. We pride ourselves on being the best realtors in lexington ky and surrounding counties.

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